FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The cart and the checkout process in short

Here is a short overview of our cart and the checkout process functions for all of you who only need a quick info. You can find detailed information about the most important points in the FAQ index.

1. Order verification

In this first step the items you have chosen are listed and you can do the following:

  • change the quantity
  • change the size
  • delete items

Heads up! Of course, you can go on shopping from the cart. To get back to the main page you click on "shop" in the upper menu. When you already know exactly what you want to add, simply enter the item code or the search criteria into the search engine.

Ok? Then klick on "checkout now" to go on in the second step.

2. Method of payment & Placement of order

In this second step you check, choose or confirm all important shipping details which are:

  • delivery address
  • sender (only for deliveries within Germany)
  • payment method
  • waiting date (optional)

When everything is entered the way you want it you only need to confirm the AGB by clicking into the square in front of the red link and transmit the order by clicking on "checkout now".

3. Overwiew confirmed order details

In the final step you find an overview of your complete order information. Of course, you are sent a detailed e-mail confirmation additionally as well.

How do I get to the cart?

There are different ways that lead you to the cart.

Top left of the shop there is the cart field. After you have put an item into the cart, there is a red blinking for a short time. One click thereon directly leads you into the cart.

Other options to be forwarded into the cart are to click onto the EMP shopping bag or the "Show Cart" link.

Of course, you can also always click on "cart" in the upper menu to get there.

How do I change the quantity in the cart?

You can change the quantity in the cart by simply changing the cypher on the left side of the corresponding image manually. 

Heads up! Please don't forget to click on "update" afterwards to store your change.

How do I change the size in the cart?

If you have entered an item in the wrong size, please delete it completely by clicking on the "delete" button on the right side of the corresponding item and afterwards add the item in the size you want to have.

How do I delete an item from the cart?

To delete an item from the cart simply click on the "delete" button on the right side of the corresponding item.

That's it!

How do I go on shopping from the cart?

You are in the cart and want to go on shopping?

That's really simple!

One click on "Continue shopping" directly forwards you to the main page. You are shown the button in the first step of the cart. Alternatively you can simply enter an item code into the search engine in the upper menu.

Heads up! When you have already sent your order and recognize that the address needs to be changed afterwards, please refer to our customer support as soon as possible. To be able to ship your package as soon as possible, we have to store your order data. As soon as we have done that, we cannot change anything anymore.

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